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Vergnet Powers Ahead in Northern Ireland

Noel McFarland's Farm in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Last month Vergnet completed two new projects on farms in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The two turbines were built in partnership with local developer, Simple Power, on farms and have helped local farmers to access the benefits of wind energy.

In Northern Ireland, Vergnet works in partnership with medium wind energy developer, Simple Power which exclusively uses Vergnet’s GEV MP R 250kW, 32m hub height wind turbines for its on-going development on Northern Ireland farms. Simple Power chose the Vergnet GEV MP-R due to its suitability to the local environment as well as its maximum regeneration capacity.

The developer benefits from Vergnet’s production yields, which are among the best performing in the medium wind sector...

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Installed Wind Capacity set to Increase Worldwide and in Europe

This week, the Navigant Research, highlighted that wind power currently supplies about 3% of the world’s electricity and will rise to 7.3% by 2018. The report follows the latest scenario from EWEA which stated by 2020 EU’s installed wind capacity is set to reach 192 GW.

Despite this being at a slower rate and nearly 40GW lower than EWEA’s prediction five years ago, it is a rise of 64 percent from 2013 levels.

Both reports predict continued growth and a positive outlook for the industry, despite a protracted economic crisis and regulatory instability.

Feng Zhao, Research Director at Navigant Research stated, “Last year was the first in which the wind industry experienced negative growth since 2004, but there are signs that the 2013 slowdown will turn out to be an anomaly...

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Further Growth for Vergnet in the UK

Vergnet marks further growth in the UK following the launch of its O&M Service in May 2014 at CLA Game Fair today, as it announces its first three farming customers for the service.

Park House Farm, Desford, Leicester, is one of the first to sign up for the new UK wind turbine service. The agreement announced at the UK’s largest outdoor country showwill see Park House farmer Paul Hilyer benefit from Vergnet’s dedicated O&M service providing him with improved security for business planning as well as control of expenditure and performance for his two 250kW Vergnet GEV MP-C medium wind turbines.

The farmer currently uses the medium scale wind turbines, which have been in operation since 2012 to generate clean energy for the grid...

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Extension of local wind farm agreement with Italy’s PLT Energia

Vergnet and PLT Energia announce new promising partnership agreement for 200 kW wind turbines.

Vergnet SA and PLT Energia S.p.A. have signed a new industrial partnership agreement.

It provides for the installation, commissioning and maintenance by PLT Energia of additional 200 kW Vergnet wind turbines in Italy and potentially other areas in the world.

Under the previous agreement signed in 2012, PLT installed and currently operates 8 Vergnet wind farms in Italy.

Jérôme Douat, CEO of Vergnet commented: “We are delighted with the partnership with

PLT Energia, which enabled Vergnet to enter the Italian market in 2012. Vergnet’s market share in Italy now represents 80% of the medium wind market and 100% of the market of new 200 kW installations“

 An agreement that will result in new...

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Vergnet Set to Celebrate UK Growth at CLA Game Fair 2014

Vergnet is attending the UK’s largest countryside show taking place in Oxfordshire next week from 18th- 20th July.

As a global leader in the distributed wind energy industry, Vergnet will be celebrating its growing track record in the UK by attending the CLA Game Fair this year, with the new Operations & Maintenance (O&M) service featuring highly on the company’s agenda.

The CLA Game Fair is the County Land Association’s flagship annual event and one of the UK’s leading outdoor country show. The fair is widely accepted as the world’s greatest celebration of country life and sports, bringing together land owners, developers, members of the rural community and country sports enthusiasts alike.

Visitors to Vergnet’s stand (A0108) at the CLA Game Fair 2014 can find out about the com...

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Global Wind Power Capacity Reaches 318GW in 2014

The Renewables 2014 Global Status Report (GSR) released earlier this month revealed good news for the renewables sector. It estimated that 22% of the world’s electricity was generated from renewable sources in 2013 with wind power playing a growing role. The report compiled by REN21, a global renewables multi stakeholder network, revealed how the evolution of renewable energy over the past decade has ‘surpassed all expectations’, both in improving national development as well as mitigating climate change issues. As a burgeoning international wind energy company, Vergnet welcomes the report which states that renewable energy provided 19% of global final energy consumption in 2012, rising to 22% in 2013...

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Successful installation of 1MW turbine at AUTEC US Navy Base in the Bahamas

The GEV HP 1 MW that was installed by Vergnet and the general contractor PNE Corp at the AUTEC US Navy base in the Bahamas has been commissioned in February 2014 and has started producing electricity. On this video you can witness in real time the unique erection process of this turbine:

Commissioning and run tests were successfully completed, and the turbine is now injecting electricity on the local mini-grid which runs two to five 1MW diesel generators.

Training of the O&M contractor is to take place, and for the time being Vergnet, PNE and AUTEC are handling the maintenance of the turbine during this ramp-up period.

One of the very important next steps to come is a fully automated integration of the wind turbine on the existing diese...

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Vergnet Hosts Haiti and World Bank delegation during visit to the French West Indies

On Saturday 14th June 2014, Vergnet’s O&M subsidiary in the Caribbean, VERGNET CARAIBES, organised a visit to Fond Caraibes Wind Farm (20 GEV MP C wind turbines installed in 2003 and 2004 on the municipality of Saint François) for a for a delegation invited by Region Guadeloupe made up of representatives from the Parliament of Haiti, including Energy Ministries and EDH (Electricity of Haiti) along with representatives of the World Bank.

The senior Haitian delegation went to Guadeloupe to discover renewable energy achievements and to understand the strategy which enabled the development of the sector in the region. The World Bank is helping to develop exchanges between territories in the area of renewable energy.

The delegation included Patrick Mathurin, Research Director and Jean Marcel...

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Successful installation of 1MW turbine at AUTEC US Navy Base in the Bahamas

Following the turbines’ commissioning in March 2014, Vergnet’s GEV HP turbine is now providing continuous electricity on the local grid in Andros, Bahamas.

The Vergnet GEV HP  turbine was selected as the most suitable turbine for the extreme weather and hurricane prone island of Andros.

Due to its ability to adapt to the climate, its unique nacelle lifting process [] and high quality of turbine design, the Vergnet GEV HP was the best choice for solving the base’s energy needs.

The turbine was built and commissioned in March 2014 and Vergnet is currently handling the maintenance of the turbine based at the AUTEC US Navy base. The Vergnet team is also training the US Navy staff to operate and maintain the turbine.

The turbine is integrated in...

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