Vergnet Proud to Deliver Samoa’s First Wind Farm

Vergnet completed work on Samoa’s first wind farm on the island of Upolu this August, in partnership with Masdar.

Upolu is located off the east coast of mainland Samoa in the Pacific Ocean and is home to almost 75% of the Samoan population. The completion of this wind project is significant for the island as it will supply 1,500 MWh of power per year and will reduce the island’s carbon dioxide footprint by more than 1,000 tonnes per annum.

Vergnet has a significant track record in developing wind turbines particularly suited to insular environments. This is well demonstrated in Samoa, as the innovative ‘cyclone proof’ technology allows the turbines to withstand the extreme weather experienced in the region...

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Vergnet Host First UK Wind Energy Open Day

As Vergnet continues to go from strength to strength in the UK market, the company hosted its first UK Open Day in Nottinghamshire to showcase their work in medium wind energy.

Vergnet joined farmer Ian Sharman and his family on Thursday 23rd October to open the gates to New Holbeck Farm in the company’s first UK Open Day. The Open Day allowed visitors from throughout the UK to learn more about Vergnet’s 275kW Vergnet GEV MP-C first-hand from the Sharman family, who utilise the medium scale wind turbine to off-set their farms energy demand. The family also benefit from Vergnet’s dedicated UK Operations and Maintenance (O&M) service, which was launched at the All Energy Conference in Aberdeen earlier this year.

Ian Sharman said: “At New Holbeck Farm, we use an awful lot of energy, coo...

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Renewable Energy Set to Power Rural Electrification

Last month, a report in The Guardian revealed that 1.4 billion people worldwide are currently living without electricity with underdeveloped energy infrastructures. The report suggested that this could be resolved by utilising renewable energy sources that feed into mini grids, which in turn creating localised generation and transmission of electricity.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has recently awarded a $5m loan to the Mauritanian government to develop a local mini grid system to combat their energy crisis, as only 1% of their rural communities are currently electrified. Frank Wouters, Director of IRENA stated that there was a “huge demand” for projects like these, with the organisation awarding $50m to similar projects every year.

Vergnet supports IRENA’s investm...

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Vergnet Welcomes Increased European Energy Efficiency Targets

European Commissioners have recently announced that the EU will aim to cut its energy consumption by 30% by 2030, to encourage energy security and reduce carbon emission levels.

The original target for energy savings by 2030 was 25% which, if met, would ensure a 40% reduction of carbon emissions. The new extended target of 30% reflects the achievements already being made in cutting energy costs in Europe. These include cutting energy costs in buildings by 50% since 1980 and industry being approximately 19% less energy intensive compared to 2001.

Vice President of the EU Commission, Günther H. Oettinger stated the reasons behind these new targets are: “the basis to drive the EU towards increased security of supply, innovation and sustainability, all in an affordable way...

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Expanding UK Wind Partnership in the Spotlight at ‘The Renewables Event’ in Birmingham

Less than a year after announcing their partnership, Vergnet and partner, Bowler Energy, part of the John Bowler Group, revealed their success to date in the UK at ‘The Renewables Event’ in the NEC Birmingham.

Vergnet has been working with Bowler Energy since November 2013 and have a total of seven medium wind energy projects are so far planned in the UK as part of the partnership, with more in the pipeline.

Lucie Bowler from Bowler Energy, commented: “We are delighted with the partnership with Vergnet which will see us progress seven turnkey medium wind energy projects in the coming months with many more in the plan.  Choosing the right technology partner is a key consideration for all developers...

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VERGNET’s 1 GEV MP Turbine installed in Aguni, Japan

Vergnet’s turbine in Aguni in Japan has been installed for Progressive Energy Corporation, a subsidiary of Okinawa Electric Power Company Inc (Okiden). The wind turbine was inaugurated at the end of July.

The Vergnet GEV MP was selected by Okiden to service Aguni Island in the Okinawa archipelago. The turbine is perfectly suited for the project as due to its unique erection process, it can be built in remote areas with difficult access. The GEV MP is also renowned internationally for its ability to function in cyclonic areas. The Okinawa archipelago is frequently exposed to typhoons and tropical storm.

The turbine has been built to reduce the island’s high energy costs and will feed into the local internal grid, which includes a diesel plant...

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Vergnet Powers Ahead in Northern Ireland

Noel McFarland's Farm in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Last month Vergnet completed two new projects on farms in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The two turbines were built in partnership with local developer, Simple Power, on farms and have helped local farmers to access the benefits of wind energy.

In Northern Ireland, Vergnet works in partnership with medium wind energy developer, Simple Power which exclusively uses Vergnet’s GEV MP R 250kW, 32m hub height wind turbines for its on-going development on Northern Ireland farms. Simple Power chose the Vergnet GEV MP-R due to its suitability to the local environment as well as its maximum regeneration capacity.

The developer benefits from Vergnet’s production yields, which are among the best performing in the medium wind sector...

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Installed Wind Capacity set to Increase Worldwide and in Europe

This week, the Navigant Research, highlighted that wind power currently supplies about 3% of the world’s electricity and will rise to 7.3% by 2018. The report follows the latest scenario from EWEA which stated by 2020 EU’s installed wind capacity is set to reach 192 GW.

Despite this being at a slower rate and nearly 40GW lower than EWEA’s prediction five years ago, it is a rise of 64 percent from 2013 levels.

Both reports predict continued growth and a positive outlook for the industry, despite a protracted economic crisis and regulatory instability.

Feng Zhao, Research Director at Navigant Research stated, “Last year was the first in which the wind industry experienced negative growth since 2004, but there are signs that the 2013 slowdown will turn out to be an anomaly...

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Further Growth for Vergnet in the UK

Vergnet marks further growth in the UK following the launch of its O&M Service in May 2014 at CLA Game Fair today, as it announces its first three farming customers for the service.

Park House Farm, Desford, Leicester, is one of the first to sign up for the new UK wind turbine service. The agreement announced at the UK’s largest outdoor country showwill see Park House farmer Paul Hilyer benefit from Vergnet’s dedicated O&M service providing him with improved security for business planning as well as control of expenditure and performance for his two 250kW Vergnet GEV MP-C medium wind turbines.

The farmer currently uses the medium scale wind turbines, which have been in operation since 2012 to generate clean energy for the grid...

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